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Manabush - Fine tobacco and Maple flavoured Eliquid

Manabush Eliquid


An eye for quality and cleanliness

Manabush has constantly striven to improve the manufacture of liquids to higher levels of professional production. Starting out as a small-scale producer, we have consistently reviewed the process, identifying opportunities to reinvest in facilities and equipment in order to guarantee excellence.

The Mission

We ensure that Manabush liquid production is free from contaminants. By keeping impurities such as dust out of the production area you can be assured that the only contents in a bottle are those you wish to vape.

What does this involve?

We carry out all operations in adherence to a clean room procedure 3 stage cleaning process. The main liquid production area is accessed via tacky mats and the lab room through AirBlock cleanroom curtains.

Prior to entry to the actual Lab area Proper, all operatives put on fetching cleanroom bunny suits, beard snoods, overboots and gloves – with the gloves being sterilised using isopropyl alcohol wipes. All surfaces are cleaned and then sterilised with isopropyl alcohol and a full spectrum antibacterial agent before and after use.

All bottles, caps and drippers undergo ultra-violet sterilisation prior to filling to ensure prevention from bacteria, mould, virus, yeast and fungi growth. Not only does this improve the superiority of the finished product but it also increases shelf life.

While these steps cut down on most airborne particulates we were keen to adhere fully to ISO 14644-1 standards. This has involved the installation of two major pieces of equipment.

The move to a dedicated production facility has allowed us to invest in a bespoke Connect2Cleanrooms HEPA-lite based clean process bench, essential for mission-critical elements of the manufacturing process line. The HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) unit provides localised filtered air to protect processes from contamination. This means that the production area is now validated to ISO Class 5.

Rounding off the impressive hunks of machinery is the ISO Class 5 Air Science Laminar Flow cabinet. It’s designed to protect the work surface, products and materials from particulate remaining contamination. It also contains a UV sterilising bulb to help decontaminate its internal surfaces and tools before and after use.

Clean Areas, assured excellence

Externally validated, we have achieved certification demonstrating that we have taken every measure necessary to guarantee the standard of our liquids. You can buy from us with the full knowledge that what is listed on the label are the only contents of the bottle. Yet another reason to smile when you vape Manabush eliquids.

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