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Manabush - Fine tobacco and Maple flavoured Eliquid

Manabush Eliquid

No one sticks to one juice .. or even one juice manufacturer. We realise this, we embrace it, and we think if you like our juice .. you will like the juices that follow.

On this page we will recommend other Juices we have tried and find to be outstanding and worthy of note. Where possible we will link directly to those juices. We will only ever put juices here we find to be of the highest quality. The juices are hand picked by ZT


Scopes E Liquid - a foreword

Now Scopes is a bit of an eye opener for me. I am as you can probably gather a bit of a tobacco flavour fan, although I do like a twist rather than a plain tobacco.
Scopes are non of this. and most are fruit flavours which historically for me are my least favourite juices.

Scopes Juices have shown me that there are fruit flavours .. and there are fruit flavours. The range varies from "really nice" to "wowser!"

My personal favourite is the Apple Tart, which reminds me of an Apple Strudel complete with custard and a slight scattering of cinnamon, followed by the Peach ... in itself a revelation because I don't even like real peaches.

All of the flavours have a base running through them that I cant quite put my finger on, a bit cakey perhaps? you decide.

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Colonel Boom's Bang Bang Juice - a foreword

An rather fabulous name for a brand that produces some of the most unusual and tasty flavours on the UK Gourmet Juice market.

Often not for the feint hearted - The headshot in particular is exceptional for clearing a stuff nose Wot!

The heartshot tastes so like the love heart sweets I used to eat as a child its untrue - truly well crafted juices from the Colonel!

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