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Manabush - Fine tobacco and Maple flavoured Eliquid

Manabush Eliquid

The Last Discount Code

So here it is the very last official and widely advertised Manabush Discount code

The EU, in tandem with whoever has done enough lobbying, in its infinite wisdom has deemed any such thing as advertising, discount codes or healthier life style choices as inherently wrong or at least unprofitable. So here is our last official discount code : we will be running it from now until May 19th at midnight.

25% off everything with the code : vote-leave

In addition we invite anyone else in the industry who is interested to use the same code on their own point of sale .. even if they do not actually want to offer a discount - who knows it may just help get the message across to a handful more people.

Chow all
The Manabush Team

*must be logged in to use the code.

Its Christmas Day! - happy xmas all and seasons greetings and all that.

We are full of xmas spirit this morning so for today and tomorrow only 30% off with code : xmasday30 (you HAVE to be logged in for the code to work) the xmaspow 17.5% code will continue to run until the last day of the month.

Have a great new year everyone - and thanks to all our customers for your loyalty - without you we wouldn't exist

We will be closed between Christmas and New year, the last date we will be sending out post before Christmas will be Wednesday the 23rd December, you will still be able to order all over the Christmas period and we will be extending our 17.% xmaspow code until Sunday January 3rd at 12 Midnight - Postage will resume on Monday January 4th 2016 - have a great and cool yule.

Welcome Spiritwalker, the new tobacco-free liquid base by Manabush, that provides the heartbeat to a new range of 60/40 PG/VG juices.

Spiritwalker lends a whole new dessert-based dimension to our hugely popular range. We have created something uniquely different and yet instantly recognisable as Manabush. Our aim during development was to “let it be beautiful” – and we believe the arrow has hit its mark.

A MASSIVE thanks goes out to all the guys and gals who voted for us on Planet Of The Vapes vendor of the month competition, we wouldnt exist without you all, so a massive thanks from the team!

To celebrate .. we are offering you a 20% discount until Midnight Monday 5th October use code VOTM20 for 20% off (in the shopping basket) (ps: you must be logged in to use the code!)

The invoice numbers submitted to the random number generator were numbers 5418 to 5659

The winning number is 5544

Mr Andrew Hastings ... Come on down!

you win a 9 x 30ml Full Range box set in your choice of strength.

Well done!

Our stunning new flavour “Omusa” our signature Manabush base cleverly blended with Rum, Toffee and Vanilla will be ready for shipping on Monday 22nd June 2015 - and is available now for Pre-Order.


Manabush recently welcomed Damon from The Grumpy Vaper into our den, a great time was had for the two days he was down, and the results can be viewd here :

To find out more about Damons visit and view some videos of the lab please click read more below

YOu keep asking ... so on its way is our entire range in 3mg - very shortly

We will be following this up within the next few months with our Made For Dripping versions of our juice the "Cloud Signals" Range, keep your eyes open for more info on that!

So then officially January ... So I'm officially declaring a 15% discount all month with the following code : jan15 (must be logged in to use the code - use it as a coupon in the Shopping Cart)

We know how hard it can be at Christmas, so please use our Xmas Shopping code all the way till Christmas eve for a 12.5% discount : use xmaspow at checkout (you must be logged in to use the code)

So thats it for this years Vapefest - Manabush would like to extend a thanks for anyone that came to see us on our stall on Saturday, you were all brilliant and we had a great time - so looking forward to next year!

As a thankyou all this week we are running a 12.5% discount on everything - just use the code vf2014 in the coupons on the checkout (you need to be logged in first)

Many MANY thanks guys .. see you all next year!

In preparation for Vapefest - the last time for ordering from the online store will be Thursday 31st Of July 12pm
We will reopen ... err the next week when we have recovered

Available now! Shipping Monday 7th July

Powwow Sauce and Nokomis will be Restocked on Tuesday 1st July ready for shipping Wednesday 2nd

All other flavours and strengths will be restocked Friday the 4th ready for shipping Monday the 7th

Thanks to some kindly help

Orders placed between 4pm Wednesday 18th June and 23rd June will not be shipped until the 24th of June due to having to go see the Medicine Man for a minor operation.

Apologies in advance


Anyone ordering from between now and next monday at 10am will be automatically entered into a random number draw ... the prize .. a personalised Year long Discount Coupon for for 25% off. ... thats right ... 1/4 off.

Note : Coupon will only be valid for the account and address of the competition winner

We dont think you are going to spend all your time vaping our juices! why when there are literally hundreds out there to try!

Chances are though if you like our juices, you are going to like similar things to what we do - with that in mind we have created a "Guest Juices" section. This section will be used to recomend juices by other vendors that we like, and hopefully help you along your way to finding your preferred selection of juices.

View our current guest juices here

Chiricahua Sun,a mild tobacco base with an indefinable sweet nutty topping. Created as a labour of love by our head creator and Manabush founder, this juice has not only a personal touch, but a story behind its creation.

Chiricahua Sun has, for us a history.

The name is a tribute to the whole concept of the Manabush E-liquid branding and idea.

I have always been a music lover, and as a young man and still even today I was a very big fan of Adam and the Ants, The Cult and Claytown Troupe, all of which drew heavily on Native American art and imagery in the earlier years. When the concept of Manabush was first conceived, this was the influence that steered me to choose everything from the name to the actual branding itself.

Chiricahua Sun is named (with permission) after track ten of the Claytown Troupe album "Through The Veil" and is a nod to that band and to my friend Christian Riou who has given me a lot of help over the last few years.

You can now try our juices in the new Samples section on the Manabush E-Liquid Store

Currently avaialble for Powwow and Nokomis in 12mg and 18mg, next week we will be adding two brand new flavours, to our main range and the sampler range "IxCaCao" and "Coyote Coconut"

WIN WIN WIN! 30ml of The new IxCaCao and 30ml of the New Coyote Coconut Flavours! All you have to do is to have liked the Manabush Eliquid Facebook Page, share the competition post on your timeline and invite at least one friend to like the Manabush Premium Eliquid Facebook page. make sure you put your name as a comment the competition post on the facebook page, the winner will be picked by random number generator on Wednesday the 7th of May.

Please note : To enter this competition you MUST comment in the post on the Manabush Eliquid Facebook page.

The long Awaited Coyote Coconut and IxCaCao will be available to purchase in 7 days from Wednesday 7th May

Coyote Coconut is out Sweet Toboacco with overtones of fresh sweet Coconut, and a must for all fans of tropical fruits.

IxCaCao is our Sweet Tobacco with overtones Of plain/Dark Chocolate, and is a very moreish vape.

On sale from our very own store from Wednesday 7th May in 18mg, 12mg, 6mg, 0mg

For those 0mg Nic Vapers, and also for use as a cutter for 18 and 12mg Strengths without loosing the great flavour of either Nokomis or Powwow Sauce.

To use it to cut the strength of your existing Manabush follow these simple guidelines :

adding 50% of 0mg Strength Powwow or Nokomis will cut your 18mg Strength to 9mg, or your 12mg strength to 6mg. It should be simple to work out what to add its a great way to start lowering your Nicotine content.

The New Manabush Eliquid Store is now open and in stock of Powwow Sauce and Nokomis in Strengths 12mg and 18mg and bottle sizes 30ml, 50ml amd 100ml.

If you would like to try any of the Manabush Juices in a smaller size 10ml bottles are available on request at a cost of£4.99 plus postage - currently postage is to the UK only

Do you want to keep vaping? If you do please PLEASE, if you value your vaping sign this petition.

Link here : Prevent the classification of e-liquids containing nicotine as a medicine as defined by the MHRA

If this happens it will change the face of vaping as we know it. Gone will be all the flavours, gone will be all the shiny Mods and Atomisers. In its place will be standard cartos and cig-alikes with "Medically Approved" standard flavour e-liquid. More importantly, the ultimate outcome of this is that Medical Licensing can only be afforded by big conglomerations *cough* Big Pharma, Big Tobacco *cough* which is of course the ultimate reason for the MHRA trying to put this through. This is not about public health.
vaping is NOT a medicinal product, it is recreational, this is about money

Sitting Bull would never have taken this crap .. and neither should we.

Manabush would like to announce that as from the next batches, the strengths out liquids will be available in will change from 15mg and 18mg to 12mg and 18mg.

We have decided after talking to the vendors that 15mg is just too close to 18, and hope that this will provide a better selection to our vaping audience

Manabush E-liquids are vaping liquids with a tobacco flavoured base.

We have recently added Nokomis to our Manabush flavour range, and will continue to develop new flavours - only ones that meet our particular tastes will be released., LeisureLiquids and the Planet of the Vapes Marketplace

We put all our love into the creation of these liquids for the true vaping connoisseur, all our liquids are 50/50 PG/VG and contain Nicotine base, Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycol and commonly used in e-liquid manufacture Food Safe Flavourings. We do NOT add any colouring agents to our liquids.

All Bottles, storage and utensils are sterilised both before and after use.

We hope you enjoy out range of E-liquids as much as we do.

This site is for over 18's Only

Nicotine products are for over 18's Only

Please only continue if you have read and understand the above

This Site and Nicotine containing Products are for over 18's only.