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Manabush - Fine tobacco and Maple flavoured Eliquid

Manabush Eliquid

Aroma - the initial smell on ixcacao is choclate without a shadow of doubt. A very nice choclate smelling juice (natural realistic choclate in comparison to other vendors juices where it can smell / taste artificial). No tobacco aroma can be smelt by myself on initial smell.
Vapour production - Is very good, being a 50/50 mix the throat hit at 8.5 watts is perfect, and vapour production is also very good (not overpowering enough you have to swipe the vapour to see a foot infront of you, but enough to know you've had a good vape)
Flavour - upon first toot the taste of choclate is very prominent with a very good tobacco balance. The choclate as stated in the aroma section also tastes very natural (the best choclate eliquid I've tried to date) and has no resemblance of a cheap artifical choclate some eliquids contain. It's a very rich, dark and stong choclate that once again works EXTREMELY well with the manabush signature tobacco flavouring. Tobacco once again is not too overwhelming and very subtle which works perfectly with the chocolate flavoring.
Verdict - I would say ixcacao is certainly on par with powwow sauce as being one of the best eliquids I have tried. The flavouring work perfectly and balance eashother out to make a very pleasurable and enjoyable vape.

Rating - 9/10 ( this would potentially be a 10/10 but I think may possibly be a little too much as an adv) Flavour wise and as a juice to chop and change with throughout the day then 10/10.

Aroma - upon opening the bottle of Chiricahua Sun the initial smell you get is of a sweet, nuttiness (almost similar to a peanut) with an ever so slight tobacco smell (hardly noticeable)
Vapour production - Is very good, being a 50/50 mix the throat hit at 8.5 watts is perfect, and vapour production is also very good (not overpowering enough you have to swipe the vapour to see a foot infront of you, but enough to know you've had a good vape)
Flavour - Peanut. That would be the initial flavour upon first impression. On inhale you get a very nice sweet flavouring followed by a lovely nut/peanut flavouring that is neither too bland or too overpowering, exhale you still keep the sweet nutty flavour but a very nice and discreet tobacco flavour comes through that really does compliment the sweet peanut inhale.
Verdict - a very nice juice once again produced by manabush that contains flavourings that compliment eashother and work extremely well together to produce a lovely and very satisfying vape. Personnally I prefer powwow sauce, but I would certainly ensure I constantly have Atleast 10mls of this at all times. Although an extremely good juice unfortunately I would not classify it as an adv.

Aroma - Although all manabush's liquids are described as a tobacco flavouring with various additions, the aroma given off by powwow sauce is a very sweet desert smell with a very slight hint of tobacco. Vapour production - Is very good, being a 50/50 mix the throat hit at 8.5 watts is perfect, and vapour production is also very good (not overpowering enough you have to swipe the vapour to see a foot infront of you, but enough to know you've had a good vape) Flavour - sweet, creamy custard/desert flavouring is the initial flavour that hits your taste buds with a very slight tobacco flavour on the exhale.
Verdict - I am not a tobacco lover in the slightest and was hesitant upon purchasing the manabush range due to this but decided to take the plunge. Although predominantly described as a tobacco range the concoction of a slight tobacco with a desert base makes this one of/if not the nicest flavoured eliquids I have purchased. This liquid would appeal to everyone. if your not a tobacco lover please do not be put off by the manabush range. Great care has been taken to make the liquids a very subtle in regards to the tobacco flavouring and the addition of the desert flavourings works EXTREMELY well. If you are a tobacco fan this juice would be a lovely variation of your normal tobacco collection.

Rating - 10/10 (within 3 days of ordering 30mls I instantly put in another order of 50mls). it has now become my adv. powwow sauce really is that good!!

This is a review of a product I didn't pay for because I am, at this very moment in time, penny less. This doesn't make my opinion any less, but I digress. It's made by someone I know, I confess, although this doesn't mean the review was written under duress. The words are my own, the admin are in darkness but hark this: I am of sound mind, not taking the piss.

Words are important, as is grammar. "If you're a person, like me" does not mean the same thing as "If you're a person like me". One is a comparative while the other is a plea for hugs.

Comparisons are important; it is one of the ways in which we develop knowledge and understanding of the outside world. The more of the outside world you discover the broader your range of comparisons, the greater your understanding.

It would be too easy, too simplistic to say that this has a flavour of a popular brand of custardy tobacco with some banana in it. Little box, big box - stop here if you are happy with small things. Job done.

For, as Aristotle once wrote, "Περ? δ? τ?ς ?πορ?ας τ?ς ε?ρημ?νης περ? τε το?ς ?ρισμο?ς κα? περ? το?ς ?ριθμο?ς? τ? α?τιον το? ?ν ε?ναι; π?ντων γ?ρ ?σα πλε?ω μ?ρη ?χει κα? μ? ?στιν ο?ον σωρ?ς τ? π?ν ?λλ? ?στι τι τ? ?λον παρ? τ? μ?ρια? ?στι τι α?τιον"...and I'm sure that's something we can all get behind, for we can look as this as being the sum of entities.

As light exhibits properties of particles and waves so too did Descartes describe the duality of the body and the soul, something picked up on by Ryle’s The Concepts Of The Mind where he referred to the ghost in the machine. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

The Ghost in the Machine is also the title of S06E09 of Futurama. And Futurama rhymes with banana. You think this shit just puts itself together?

Flavour - Well as the ‘Nana’ in the name might suggest, this is a banana flavoured juice. It’s no secret that I’m aManabush fan, so when I got sent this I was excited big time. I love the malty, nutty, tobacco (ish) dark flavour of the base mix that makes up the Manabush range and with added banana (one of my favourite flavours) I hoped it would be as good as the rest, and I wasn’t let down. The first thing I thought of was Britney Spears, not in a dirty old man, pervy way but more of a ‘’Oooooooops, he’s done it again’’. The man behind Manabush seems to have an insane knack of blending flavours in just the right way. It’s as if he’s tapped directly into my taste buds. Now, I’ll not go into the base flavour of this as I’ve done that many times before but it’s the banana that’s interesting me. On opening the bottle I could smell the banana straight away so that made me smile as I do like a banana vape. It’s not an in your face banana and it’s not a background taste either. Somewhere in the middle, i.e. perfect. Remember those little banana flavoured sweets, well it’s ‘slightly’ similar to those but not as sweet. I’ve had banana juice that tastes exactly like those little sweets and they do tend to get a bit sickly after a while but not this. There’s a hint of sweetness to it but more of a natural flavour. A bit like those dried bananas you can get from the health store. So, all in all it’s a keeper – perfect Manabush base with added natural ‘nana’ yumminess.

Just ripe banana, real banana, not sweetshop candy banana, or monkeyjizz banana.....this is just like peeling a banana.....that is EXACTLY the flavour you get.....and you get that wonderful oaty undertone that compliments this perfectly.

Have you ever tried Jamican Banana bread? I grew up on that stuff (try brothers bakery in Forest Gate, East London) They make a banana bread with wholemeal flour, and nut....this reminds me of that long ago taste of that.....

This will easily become an ADV, along with Manabush's already excellent Coyote and powwow sauce....this is a truly spectacular juice......and if i'm wrong after you've tried it.....i'll buy it off you!


OK... I kept seeing the name "Pow wow" cropping up on here, accompanied by rave reviews, and I was a little intrigued. The blurb on the website describes it as a sweet tobacco. So, no big deal, right? although, it is described as having a sweet dessert topping. So, apple crumble with baccy sprinkled on top? something like that? doesn't sound overly appealing, gotta be honest here. But, the rave reviews kept on flowing, my interest kept growing (don't worry, I'm not going to burst into song) and I had to give it a whirl. A bit more than a whirl actually, reading in depth on the website and all the range seem to be a tobacco base with different flavourings, all seem to be loved. So, no option really but to go for the pic 'n' mix selection. After all, in for a penny, in for a Pound as my old man never used to say. And, today, that heady delight on returning home and there's a little package of vape mail laying in wait for me. No Red card, just an exciting looking Jiffy bag. Who knew just how much excitement a bloody Jiffy bag could cause? life was so different in my pre-vaping days...

So, this is also my second attempt at writing the review as I managed to lose the last one!

50/50 pg / vg
also has the naming credit for @Soldier Blue (will we ever get to find out the story behind this........)

Anyhow, when I returned home yesterday I was greeted with a Manabush package, odd as I already received my order.... at the very same time I received a message from the man himself (didnt read it at this point as I literally had just got through the door and was met by five very hungry cats; must be hard for them sleeping all day and only waking to listen to the archers on the radio) and I then KNEW what was in the package

Problem number one overcome and the house is quiet, phew.

Problem number two: Im using a 14500, only have two tanks and both are in use with premium juices. Stuff it, cant wait any longer to try this and so the nature vape tank juice gets emptied back into a bottle.

I sniff the juice, savouring in the oh so yummy smell of banana undertones of some form of herb / tobacco; i'm probably wrong, but the banana is ummmmmmm lush.

Fill up the nature vape with the nanabozho, sit comfortably, feet up TV on and vape away. As I had been using 11mg I had huge coughing fits, so to overcome problem number three I cracked open a fruit cider

I could taste the banana, tastes fresh, like a quality banana, I could smell the banana on exhaling, at this point i'm sinking into my vaping chair and being engulfed in nana heaven.

More vape, more coughing, more cider.

Getting a nana / herb / tobac / biscuit flavour.
Next one herb / tobac / biscuit / nana.
Next biscuit / nana / herb / tobac.

This is good stuff!

Manabush powwow sauce- As per all my reviews I will give a totally honest interpretation of my experience of both the juice itself aswell as the        experience created by the vendor.

After seeing several reviews and recommendations within the Facebook pages of the manabush collection I decided to take the plunge and purchase 30ml's of the Powwow sauce. I was skeptical at first as I am not a fan of tobacco vapes but due to my love of desert vapes I decided to give this a go. Upon ordering I contacted Martyn at Manabush and asked whether one of my bottles of Powwow sauce could be sent presteeped (I ordered 3 X 10ml bottles). Within minutes a reply was sent back to me saying that all juices are sent out presteeped and good to go. Response time and customer service was second to none. Order was placed approximately mid day on the Tuesday and order was at my front door first thing Wednesday.....

This is not a review, it's a public service announcement. Right so I've been lucky enough to have been vaping the three new Manabush flavours, Ixcacao, Coyote Coconut and Chricahua Sun for the past couple of weeks and now you can get them too, you lucky bastards.

Now, upon trying Powwow, I was absolutely convinced this was my new favourite juice, and you know what, I absolutely meant it. Anyone who's tried Powwow knows what it's like - that moreishness, that slight panicky feeling when you realise you've only got 10ml left and the stress of trying to eek out your remaining amount until the postie turns up with your new supplies when all you want to do is smash Powwow into your face for every second you're awake. 

Then I tried Ixcacao. It's got BITTER CHOCOLATE in it for god's sake.The smell of it didn't give anything away but vaping it is like all my vaping birthdays and Christmases have come at once. Om nom nom nom nom. The Powwow went on the shelf. 

Then the cheeky bastard sent me some Chiricahua Sun to try. OH FOR FUCKS SAKE. So now I'm cheating on Powwow with not only Ixcacao but Chiracua Sun as well. It's sweet, it's nutty, it's biscuity, it's a load more other things I'm fucked if I know, but I do know that I'm sneaking off for a toilet break every hour for a quick go. People at work must think I've got some downstairs problems. 

If you're a lover of the 'Bush, you will not be disappointed with these new juices, but be prepared - just when you think you've found your vaping heaven the bugger sneaks another one up on you.

Having tried the complete range of Manabush juices and reviewed most of them separately I thought I’d do a review / comparison of them all in one place.

The first thing to note is that they all have the same underlying flavour which is sublime – a creamy sweet mix with undertones of dark tobacco and nutty biscuit. Any one of them could easily be my all day vape and if the mixer of these were a DJ, he’d by DJ Tiesto as ‘Mr Manabush’ can mix like no other. I’ve NEVER tried a range of juice where I could easily vape every one with ease, until now.

I liken these juices to a nice pudding, most of us like a pudding after dinner but some will prefer a chocolate pudding, some will prefer coconut, some will like their pudding to taste of vanilla and some will like nuts sprinkled on top, but we all like pudding. Well Nokomis is the base pudding and all the others in the range are variants of it. All five have the same perfect base mix with subtle, yet mind blowing differences.

Nokomis appears to be the basis of these flavours, which as described above is a creamy, sweet, dark tobacco flavour with a gorgeous nutty, biscuit background and could easily be an all day vape on its own.

Flavour - Not knowing what Ixcacao meant I did a bit of research and discovered that according to Mayan history it means the ‘Queen Of Chocolate’ and ‘Goddess Of Fertility’ and after trying this juice I can definitely taste chocolate and do feel love for the vendor so I think that Manabush has found Aztec gold once again with this juice. At the time of writing it’s not yet available to purchase so I know little about the juice other than to say it’s certainly similar to the popular Powwow Sauce (by the same vendor) but with an added subtle chocolate flavour. I do quite like chocolate juice although I’ve found that a real chocolate taste is hard to replicate, however the vendor has got this just right. To me,Ixcacao is a smooth, creamy, nutty, dark tobacco flavour with a hint of chocolate that remains on your palate a while after vaping it. I’ve only tried this in my dripper but did put it on the Vamo to see how the taste altered at different watts and found the flavour remained fairly constant.

Flavour - Right then, let me start by saying that since I started vaping about 2 – 3 years ago I’ve only ever ‘gasped’ with excitement on four occasions and when I first tried Powwow Sauce it was one of those very rare moments when I just sat back and went mmmmmmmmmmmmm. That feeling is still as strong today as when I first tried it, which must be about four months ago. It’s described as ‘’tobacco with a subtle desert topping’’ but this is sooooo much more. I’m not a lover of tobacco juices so tried this without too much hope but how wrong could I be. It’s a creamy, nutty, vanilla, sweet flavour tobacco that has multiple layers depending on how it’s vaped. I prefer it in a basic silica build and at a much lower wattage than I’d normally vape but if you crank up the watts or build your coils differently the taste will change in so many ways. Trust me this is a keeper – if you read my reviews you’ll know that I’m always honest and without doubt this is THE best juice I’ve tried that I still go back to.

I have been steadfastly avoiding tobacco flavoured juices as I didn't want to be reminded of cigarettes. I had even convinced myself that I had found a variety of liquids that satisfied my needs, but I was lying to myself. I was missing the one flavour that accompanied a good pint of Beer. So I started looking at tobacco juices. This is the first one I have tried.

On opening the smell wasn't at all like tobacco. I got cake. Not a good thing as I have had a couple of cake style liquids that I didn't enjoy. Undaunted I put a couple of ml into the protank.

The taste that struck me was definitely not tobacco. There was a hint of caramel, with a biscuitty undertone, pleasant but not spectacular. As I continued to vape away, the caramel took on a toasty taste, which eventually evolved into tobacco.

While it is certainly not the dominant flavour, the tobacco does eventually become the one that sticks in your mind. After going through a couple of tanks, I still can't quite decide if it is reminiscent of a European rolling brand (Drum/Samson) or if it is closer to a toasted American style tobacco (Marlboro/American Spirit). Either way it worked.

I'm vaping Nokomis in a Killer on a mechanical mod running on a freshly charged 18650 battery. (The Killer is essentially a dripping atomiser that sits within a cartomizer tank, so it delivers the full flavour of a dripping atomiser without having to drip liquid into it every few minutes. A popular hardware reviewer on YouTube likens the vape you get from the Killer to the much more expensive Kayfun.) As I fire the device, I hear a satisfying crackling and sizzling. I draw the vapour into my mouth and it has a dense texture with a payload of warm sweetness which I experience throughout my mouth but seems concentrated on the tip of my tongue. I begin by just filling my mouth and then after a few seconds commence inhaling the mouthful of vapour and more as I continue firing the device. While usually I can only taste broad categories of flavour on the inhalation, ie, sweetness, sourness, umami, etc., as I inhale Nokomis I can taste the maple. (Manabush use a heavier, darker Maple syrup flavour than the type generally used for desserts.) As I finish inhaling and draw in a small amount of fresh air, the maple flavour continues to dominate, but I begin to sense the presence of a certain biscuit/cookie note and a light tobacco note. As I exhale, this medley of flavour is amplified and continues through to the aftertaste which lingers for a good while. As I've found with a number of E-liquids, there is a slight metallic tang around the gums and teeth which I never find unpleasant; in fact I enjoy this aspect of the aftertaste as integral to the overall experience.

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