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After a few orders of the picknmix had to order a 30ml bottle of Powwow. It REALLY is that good. Just from opening the bottle & having a sniff is enough to start you dribbling at the mouth ;-).....There's so much depth in flavour with Manabush liquids especially for a tobacco base. I've been using my liquids in the Naturevape Midi as well as an Aerotank with microcoils and both have been equally yummy with lots of clouds! A SUPERB service from these guys, from placing an order to delivery. Highly recommend. Once again THANK YOU guys. :)

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Are you a fan of ginger ? Are you someone that is not a fan or could take it or leave it ? Never fear, for this latest offering from Manabush won't fail you either way ! The ginger is perfectly and expertly balanced with the acclaimed subtle tobacco base, with just a hint of light chocolate as a finish. More excellence from an outstanding range of liquids. Try it !

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By accident i came to know about Manabush and its amazing Powwow juice. Its a really smooth tobacco flavour juice with added sweetnesses. It cannot be compared to an RY4, as powwow is 100% better, in taste. Would i buy it again? simple answer is yes. I will also recommend this juice to my friends. My new all day vape, thank you Manabush.

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This is undoubtedly a juice unlike anything I've vaped before - and I've vaped a good many juices! Admittedly, I can only think of two juices that I've tried which would fit into the same category and those would be Five Pawns' Castle Long and Dunfords' Grizzly Bear. Both utilise smoked, mature flavours, as does Chiricahua Sun. However, this juice somehow manages to be woody/nutty and light at the same time, as well as having a slight sweet top note that is akin to chocolate but only suggestively. Very well balanced. It's also a grower, which in my opinion, are the ones that you just can't stop thinking about.

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I love a nutty woody tobacco ish type ejuice and have had a couple of good ones in the past. Manabush Powwow sauce and Chiricahua Sun have blown the others clean out of the water ! What a wonderful taste. Not sure how they do it, but honestly, i dont care. manabush - I salute u sirs !

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Not too sure what to make of this one as not a fan of rhubarb or ginger in food let alone to vape but there was something that kept me going back for another try. This tastes like a freshly picked rhubarb even getting the slight rhubarb sharpness then you get the light warmth from the ginger and a biscuity taste combining both. Pleasantly surprised by this as it's definitely not something I would've tried. Not an ADV for me but something different for an occasional evening vape. Thank you Tribal Chief Martyn/Manabush for making and sharing these liquid gems. Great service provided as always.

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been vaping for 3years and have tried so many eliquids have lost count how much money I have wasted looking for the " best tobacco flavour" I ordered the whole range and Chiricahua sun was the 1st I tried omg this is what I call divine heaven, nutty woody and just so smooth, beautiful, waited to try all flavours before I left a review and can honestly say they are all quality juices, so good I have ordered 30ml s in this and ixcacao. Also service excellent delivery next day thankyou so much guys keep up the fantastic work.

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This juice is one of the best I've taisted along side of the powwow sauce it takes desert flavored liquids to another dimension. I would recommend this juice to anyone. Also the service is second to none. Thanks Martin keep up the good work will definitely be ordering more

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A deep rich tobacco flavour with added dark chocolate. The dark chocolate, provides a slight sweetness on exhale. Similar to when you are eating dark chocolate. The first real ejuice i have come across, which actually has a proper taste of dark chocolate. Well done guys for another, fantastic ejuice.

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Oh my oh my oh my! :) ANOTHER tasty vape. Have been on the Coyote all weekend and what a refreshing vape this is. Got this in my pick n mix pack (Powow & Mojove) DELICIOUS light vape with the coconut on the exhale. Have ordered another three flavours from Manabush and I know I won't be disappointed in them. SUBERB quality juice both in flavour & vapour. Again, thanks Martyn.

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Waxahachie!!!!!!!! To keep things simple it tastes like your vaping a ginger biscuit with a slight hint of chocolate, such a great flavour It’s now over taken both Chiricahau sun and Coyote coconut as my ADV. I’m currently using a Rose V2 with a 1.2ohm coil on a 30w variable mod at 12.5w and this juice is sublime. I’ve tried it on a plume at 0.6ohms and a mech mod and the flavour just knocked me for six. Saying that I’ve found that to get the best from this juice I’d stick to a decent re-buildable and a variable mod. Just with I could give it 10 stars instead of 5. Boz

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They've done it again! This is a fantastic vape. Just the right balance of creamy custard and dark, mature toffee. It's rich and smooth and ever so satisfying. A perfect all-rounder that goes just as well with a black coffee as it does an ale. Thanks guys - you are truly artists of the vape world!

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I thought I'd try a 3x10ml pick n mix as I've heard good things about manabush and was after a nice tobacco vape. I tried Powwow sauce first and WOW it certainly is everything I expected and more, vaped it on a tobh atty and what a complex flavour. Coffee like biscuityness! Very rich and just lush. Love it so I've order more! I have to say the service from manabush has been outstanding. Delivery within 48 hours! Plus very polite and helpful after I mad a mistake.

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This may be regarded as the most tobacco orientated of the range, as the biscuit flavour is one of the least pronounced and the tobacco one of the most dominant. However, despite me not being a tobacco flavour devotee, Nokomis is one of my overall favourites ! It is a brilliant neutral general flavour that is absolutely suited as an all day Liquid. Try it next to Powwow Sauce, Nanbozho and the others and you may well agree. Nokomis is a staple within the range and Manabush the market leader in taste and quality.

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I really like this vape liquid, I'm currently using the 6mg mix and the Maple taste is really good. I have tried quite a few and the Powwow blend floats my boat. To be honest, I have tried Vanilla's, Blue Berry, Liquorice and goodness knows what else but this mix is an order of magnitude superior in every respect, as an Ex-smoker, this is the Mutt's Nut's, IMHO. I am going to stay with this flavour for a while, just before I run out I'll try the 3mg mix as this mix and my Cool Fire IV, a Nautilus Mini and 13W of power, things don't get better that this combo. My wife dosn't normally let me Vape in the house, but even she likes the subtle scent of this beauty.

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Great straight out the box. Very biscuity with lots of maple in there with hints of custard and tobacco on the exhale. It's not too thick overall and you get a lot of vapour and a reasonable throat hit. Quite high up on the liquids I've tried. It's getting good reviews everywhere which it deserves. All in all very flavourful, cheapish and doesn't taste artificial only down side is it's def not an ADV, well not for me!

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Ordered this as have read good things about it in the vaping community and boy, i wasn't disappointed. Have been looking for a nice non-tobacco tobacco type flavour (if that makes sense) since one that used to be my only vape sold their recipe on and it went to crap since that. Anyway, this stuff is awesome. Kind of sweet, but not overly so with a biscuity sort of undertone but that could be my shot taste buds. However nice i say it is here and try to describe it, it really wont do it justice, amd im just using a kanger protank 2, have ordered a naturevape midi tank as recommended by manabush as i cant be bothered with all the messing about setting up kayfuns and all that malarkey, really looking forward to trying it in that when it arrives. Certainly an all-dayer for me and just ordered another 30ml to hopefully keep me going until pay day when i can order 100ml and finally have a nice all day vape again.

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Excellent quality juice that really hits the spot. Grear flavour and excellent vapour production. Not many juices out there can compare to this. Well done manabush.

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I'd tried numerous of the other flavours but this one didn't sound like my cup of tea. But how wrong I was.. Just a good quality as the rest. Different, lighter, fruity (although I can't really say which fruits they are) all in all a really great change from the others in the range. There really is no other liquid like Manabush.

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Ordered the 3x10ml pick n mix to try out manabush for the first time and boy have I been spoilt for choice even with just 3!! This one is definitely an all dayer for me. Light sweet nutty flavour, kinda reminds me of the nougat nut center of a topix. Definitely ordering more of this one nom! Must add service good to, delivery within 48 hours and customer service very polite and helpful after I made a silly error!

Mojave Dessert

Mojave Dessert

Mojave Dessert a very signature Manabush flavour Eliquid with a light fruity topping. An ideal Apéritif after a long hard Powwow

Available in 6mg, 12mg and 18mg strength in bottle sizes 10ml, 30ml and 50ml

All our e-liquids are 50/50 VG/PG mix and made only from the finest UK and US sourced vaping safe ingredients.

We have found the Manabush range tastes best on cotton or with a silica wick at not too high a temperature - to us the sweet spot seems to be just on the cusp of being warm. We recommend the use of rebuildable silica Atomiser such as a Kayfun or GP Spheroid and also the Naturevape Mini or midi tanks or similar again these are just recommendations - the juice flavour changes quite dramatically at different temperatures so feel free to experiment. We have found an Ohms of 1.4 - 1.6 on A Mech mod to be ideal.

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Mojave Dessert by Manabush 10ml
Mojave Dessert a very signature Manabush flavour with a light fruity topping. An ideal Apéritif afte..
Mojave Dessert by Manabush 10ml - CLEARANCE
Mojave Dessert a very signature Manabush flavour with a light fruity topping. An ideal Apéritif afte..
Based on 2 reviews.
Mojave Dessert by Manabush 30ml
Mojave Dessert a very signature Manabush flavour with a light fruity topping. An ideal Apéritif afte..
Based on 3 reviews.
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