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This is undoubtedly a juice unlike anything I've vaped before - and I've vaped a good many juices! Admittedly, I can only think of two juices that I've tried which would fit into the same category and those would be Five Pawns' Castle Long and Dunfords' Grizzly Bear. Both utilise smoked, mature flavours, as does Chiricahua Sun. However, this juice somehow manages to be woody/nutty and light at the same time, as well as having a slight sweet top note that is akin to chocolate but only suggestively. Very well balanced. It's also a grower, which in my opinion, are the ones that you just can't stop thinking about.

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If I eat a banana, I can taste banana. An apple tastes of apple. A potato always gives me that subtle hint of chip. But ask me to pick out the oak barrel in a mature whisky or coke in Coca-Cola and I fail the exam. Despite not being able to fully distinguish the Rum, Vanilla and Toffee in Omusa it's a bloody good juice. I will buy again when my supplies of Manabush run dry but that won't be next week or even next month. I feel slightly guilty about that but it's not like a daily trip to the newsagents for fags, is it? Omusa is an excellent addition to the Manabush range and highly recommended by me.

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My first puff of this I was not sure but within a few hours I was hooked. In my opinion this is the nicest tobacco flavour I have ever vaped. So far I have not tried the other Manabush flavours because this one is just so perfect but hopefully I'll have to give them all a try. This juice is like no other it has a sweet but very natural flavour and is definitely an ADV. I prefer this size rather than the glass one as its ready to fill your tank whereas with the glass one you have to re bottle if your tank has restricted fill hole. If your wondering whether to give this a try then go for it I can't imagine anyone being disappointed.

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Fairly new to all this stuff but this stuff is lush. Great everyday vape

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after buying the Pic n mix set and tasting the whole range, this is one flavour I had to have more of. I've heard people say they're picking up different flavours from this but for me, I'm getting apricot. I wouldn't have bought this out of choice before trying the samples. I'm glad I did, a beautiful vape!!!

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First off, like most other reviewers of Manabush, I don't really dig tobacco flavours. I'm also quite skeptical of banana flavours. But, this is something really rather spectacular. If you've come from a purely dessert background, then this will not only tick all the right boxes, but it'll offer you an extra edge. This is definitely a mature/grown-up juice. There's a spicy element, which helps pull back the sweetness of the banana and rounds off nicely the complexity of background flavours. The banana itself is beautifully natural and fresh. This is a very distinctive vape, and somehow subtle yet rich at the same time. Furthermore, Manabush's customer service is outstanding - a company you'll be proud to buy from!

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I thought I'd try a 3x10ml pick n mix as I've heard good things about manabush and was after a nice tobacco vape. I tried Powwow sauce first and WOW it certainly is everything I expected and more, vaped it on a tobh atty and what a complex flavour. Coffee like biscuityness! Very rich and just lush. Love it so I've order more! I have to say the service from manabush has been outstanding. Delivery within 48 hours! Plus very polite and helpful after I mad a mistake.

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Just found the one for me! A perfect combination of your tobbacco flavour and your sweet maple flavour I'm now a regular and for me this is not a one hit wonder this is for life

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Already a BIG fan of the Nokomis range, Chiricahua nom nom nom or should that be vape vape vape, never without this one. Was well excited about getting the new Spiritwalker oh my these guys are the Chief of Juices, Absolutely THE BEST juice out there. Chiricahau: Didn't think this could get any better from the Nokomis range but how wrong I was ....this is Mmmmmmm! Nutty, salty caramel, smooth yet with a pleasant warm throat hit, a huge taste & huge dense clouds that seem to hug you. Thank you Tribal Chief Martyn/Manabush for making and sharing these liquid gems. Great service provided as always.

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Came off the smokes 5 months ago and have been playing around with different tobacco juices for my 'every day' go to vape and boy, am I so glad I've found Chiricahua Sun! Plain tobacco tastes pretty nasty now and this is now my base juice. I have been buying to 30ml bottles for a while and just love the smoothness and the sweet nuttiness. There are no hard edges to this juice and I'm quite happy with it all day. I do still play around with other fruit flavours during the day but this is still my staple juice. I'm no expert by any means but this is just sooooooo nice, I'm sure it's keeping me off the smokes!

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You just can't go wrong with the Manabush range - every juice is unique, with a deep, rich flavour that I simply haven't come across in juices from any other manufacturer. IxCaCao is no exception and in fact is probably the richest, most decadent juice of the lot! There's definitely undertones of the darkest of chocolate combined with that sweet tobacco edge that Manabush have become known for. Yes it's sweet, but not to the point of being sickly meaning you can just keep going and going with this without getting overwhelmed by the sweetness. Lovely stuff!

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Yep it's still got the depth and lush taste of the mighty Powwow Sauce but WITHOUT the tobacco. Delicious, light yet layered flavours of biscuit, dessert and cream with plenty of vapour production. These new tobacco-free liquids are something special, it's just that I can't really decide if I prefer with or without tobacco, these give me a whole new range to swap and change around what I'm vaping and really enjoying them. One thing is certain that Manabush liquids are quality and their service is quality. Thank you Tribal Chief Martyn/Manabush for making and sharing these liquid gems.

South Coast Tom | <b>Notice</b>: Undefined index:  reviews in <b>/home/manhck23/public_html/store/catalog/view/theme/default/template/module/randomreview.tpl</b> on line <b>9</b>
Ixcacao has the sweet but not sickly tobacco/syrup undertones which define the base flavours throughout the Manabush range that I have tried so far. The defining overtone to this juice can only be described as dark organic earthy chocolate,the expensive type usually found in a boutique choc shop somewhere in Chelsea. Excellent throat hit, satisfying and moreish in equal measures. 30ml was not enough!!!!!

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absolutely the cats pyjama's or the dog b****ocks - pick your euphamism of choice lots of chat on the forums about these juices - not hype this time. Really the most tasty juices I've come across, proper rich layered flavours, no sense of the artificial. The chocolate twist here is subtle, deep and rich like a quality dark chocolate bar... reccomendation of ~1.5 Ω on a mechanical is bang on too - tons of flavour great service too

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I ended up with this NanaBhozo by mistake. I' a big Churicahua Sun fan but this Nana is all I had for a few days, so I thought I'd give it a try. At first I was not impressed. I' not a fan of fruity flavours (never before anyway) and at first try this really didn't do anything for me. I packaged it up and took it to a friend to see if he liked it which he didn't (he's really only a pure tobacco flavour vaper) So I got home and decided to give it one more try. Refilled the tank with the fresh atty and took a puff. Hmm, interesting. Another puff and it' starting to grow on me. 48 hours later I can hardly stop vaping the stuff! The Manabush base is complimented beautifully by a subtle, fresh banana taste that tickles the taste buds. A bit more heat really brings out the banana flavour. Thanks very much to Martyn for such fast, friendly and very helpful customer service.

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Great great great. I ordered the 6 mix, 10ml size nicotine 12mg. I placed the ordering a Friday afternoon and received it the following day. My absolute favourite is Nanabozho, I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed it, you still taste the original Powwow flavours but my god you also get hit by the banana flavour. If you like Banana milkshake you will love this. Only draw back was it is addictive, and you can go on vaping it 24/7, need to learn to put it down. I will definitely recommend it and would give it a 9 out of 10. I would give it a 10 but I think it could have been a little more thicker. Must try. And if you need to contact the guys at the Manabush they are brilliant.

Tony Barr | <b>Notice</b>: Undefined index:  reviews in <b>/home/manhck23/public_html/store/catalog/view/theme/default/template/module/randomreview.tpl</b> on line <b>9</b>
I was surprised to see that nobody has rated Nokomis yet, so here goes. This juice is simply superb! Certainly it is in the same style as Powpow Sauce and Chiracahua Sun, which I bought along with this, but I find it to be the best of the three for an all day vape being somewhat less sweet than the other two. The flavour is hard to pin down. Think buttery, hobnob biscuits, maple syrup and a solid undertow of good quality tobacco. Being a 50:50 PG/VG mix it's easy on the throat (which I like) yet perfectly satisfying. The 10ml bottle lasted no time at all, so I think a bulk order is now called for.

South Coast Tom | <b>Notice</b>: Undefined index:  reviews in <b>/home/manhck23/public_html/store/catalog/view/theme/default/template/module/randomreview.tpl</b> on line <b>9</b>
Powwow Sauce while not being my personal favourite in the range certainly does not disappoint the taste buds. The Manabush base is very much evident and complimented well by a lovely custard overtone. No idea how this could be achieved as the thought of tobacco and custard to me does not sit in the same category as say jam roly poly and custard. But as usual the Manabush magic makes it all come together in satisfying vape.

tankgirl | <b>Notice</b>: Undefined index:  reviews in <b>/home/manhck23/public_html/store/catalog/view/theme/default/template/module/randomreview.tpl</b> on line <b>9</b>
5***** my first taste of the picknmix....DELICIOUS. Fantastic with a teasing fruity taste & vape. Manabush have got this spot on. So looking forward to trying the Powwow & Coyote next. Have put a few more to try in my wish list. Thank you Manabush for GREAT e liquid. I'm a fan. :)

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I first found Manabush on an ecig forum. Well I just love the smell and taste these juices. My particular favourites are Powwow sauce and Nokomis, these are my ADV juices. The flavour, TH and amount of vape are excellent, the aroma of strong sweet tobacco and the lingering vanilla custardy smell are delightful, my playing partners on the golf course last week asked if I was smoking custard doughnuts as they had a taste of custard/vanilla all day. It made them very hungry. Nokomis has a beautiful biscuit flavour, hard to pin down exactly but just hits the spot as a touch of sweetness to top of the tobacco. Ixcacao with its rich chocolate topping reminds me of trips to an old tobacco shop when I was very young, a fantastic smell of sweet tobacco, this is so good a close friend of mine, who had quit smoking some years ago is now vaping this juice!! that's how good it is. My gear, Kangertech protank 3(2.5ohm dual coil) with egoC-twist, usually set around 3.2volts

Manabush Original

Manabush E-liquids are vaping liquids with a tobacco flavoured base. Powwow Sauce is our most famous a fine sweet dark tobacco flavour with a desert overtone. Closely followed by our sweet nutty Chiricahua Sun. Also available are our sweet Tobacco NokomisCoyote Coconut with a fresh sweet coconut overtone, IxCaCao With a dark chocolate edge. Our fruity Manabush Mojave Dessert, and available now NanaBozho the great taste of Powwow Sauce with added fresh Banana

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