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Ordered this as have read good things about it in the vaping community and boy, i wasn't disappointed. Have been looking for a nice non-tobacco tobacco type flavour (if that makes sense) since one that used to be my only vape sold their recipe on and it went to crap since that. Anyway, this stuff is awesome. Kind of sweet, but not overly so with a biscuity sort of undertone but that could be my shot taste buds. However nice i say it is here and try to describe it, it really wont do it justice, amd im just using a kanger protank 2, have ordered a naturevape midi tank as recommended by manabush as i cant be bothered with all the messing about setting up kayfuns and all that malarkey, really looking forward to trying it in that when it arrives. Certainly an all-dayer for me and just ordered another 30ml to hopefully keep me going until pay day when i can order 100ml and finally have a nice all day vape again.

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I must admit out of the range of flavors ive tried from this site this one is my favorite. Ive used it in an Aspire Nautilus tank with Aspire CF VV battery and also a Mephisto RDA (0.7 coil) on an Anarchist mod (mech) Very good flavor no matter what i put it in (my setup or my brothers cheap vaping start up gear) A good all day vape i really love it juice is not to thin (unlike alot of others) The flavor is nice not to strong, dont judge it by just smelling straight out the bottle. The tobacco taste is awesome with a little hint of sweet biscuit like shortbread thats not overpowering.

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I tried this Manabush Pow wow sauce on my nephews vapouriser. Wow! I just had to go and buy some for myself. I am now back at home vaping Pow wow sauce 12mg nicotine. It vapes smoothly without any harshness, there is a sweet tobacco taste, a creamy dessert taste and a caramel biscuity hit. I am a massive fan of this and bought myself a 30mg bottle as I know I will be using this as my all day vape. It seems to give its best flavours when vaping at warmer temperature. It is not overly tobacco in taste but for me an ex smoker that was on 20 a day its flavour kerbs any desire for cigarettes. Pow wow sauce is really a lovely vape, so relaxing, it is going to be one of my E liquids that always is in my stash. I would recommend this to anyone. I use only an Ego GS II with 2200mah battery and 1.8 ohm coil although I have tried it on an rda/rba which really does bring out the flavours. Honestly folks give it a try you will love it!

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I can't deny it, this is even better than its forerunner, Chiricahua Sun. I guess removing the tobacco edge has allowed the other flavours to take dominance, and there's definitely some extra magic that's gone into Chiricahua's main ingredients. This also works way better in a dripper than previously, which makes me a very happy bunny as I like to buy a batch for use in my ADV tank whilst at work, then what's left after the working week, whack in my dripper - that way I get the best of both worlds! Again, as with the rest of the Manabush range, this is a mature and sophisticated dessert eliquid - and it'll definitely put a smile on your face!

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Tried Powo Pow Sauce what a flavour everything other reviewers said was totally true. Delicious!!! My all time favourite for now. Trying others just to see if this can really be improved upon! Don't believe it but then who knows. Will let you know. Thanks for a friendly and efficient service. Have been delighted with product and service so far!! Thank you again. kind regards Nadia

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They've done it again! This is a fantastic vape. Just the right balance of creamy custard and dark, mature toffee. It's rich and smooth and ever so satisfying. A perfect all-rounder that goes just as well with a black coffee as it does an ale. Thanks guys - you are truly artists of the vape world!

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Wow! This is an authentic tasting juice! Right from the first drip you can smell a whole world of rhubarb, but don't worry because the rhubarb flavour isn't strong - though it is the dominant ingredient (at least on my build). Considering the flavour profile, this is an incredibly smooth vape. Very refreshing, and I'd imagine it to be an eliquid that doesn't cause the dreaded vaper's tongue. Like the review above, I would agree that for me this is perhaps a special treat vape for after my evening meal - however it's certainly versatile enough for an ADV. If you're after a realistic rhubarb toot, then this will rock your socks off!

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Having heard all of the discussions about Powwow on the POTV forum, I had to try some. I built a 1.4 ohm dual microcoil with organic cotton for my brand new AGA T7 RTA and stuck it on a Sigelei mod at around 10 watts. There are several flavours going on here, which are delicate and delicious. The flavours seem to change from toot to toot, and on the exhale there is a lovely cooling effect which is the sign of a carefully designed juice. A really excellent juice, not an all day vape for me but highly recommended all the same. I have a different feeling about a couple of the other juices I have tried so far from the Manabush range though. You will have to look at those reviews!

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Another highly sophisticated blend from Manabush. The rum smells strong in the bottle but once vaping, it is a mello and spiced rum flavour with notes of toffee and tobacco underneath. Very moorish! The throat hit isn't huge but plenty of vapour. Maybe not an ADV but perfect when you want something a bit different and a bit classy. I especially enjoy this one in the evenings.

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Yep it's still got the depth and lush taste of the mighty Powwow Sauce but WITHOUT the tobacco. Delicious, light yet layered flavours of biscuit, dessert and cream with plenty of vapour production. These new tobacco-free liquids are something special, it's just that I can't really decide if I prefer with or without tobacco, these give me a whole new range to swap and change around what I'm vaping and really enjoying them. One thing is certain that Manabush liquids are quality and their service is quality. Thank you Tribal Chief Martyn/Manabush for making and sharing these liquid gems.

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I liked Nokomis, didn't really get on wth Pow-Wow Sauce, but since I tried Chiricahua Sun it's been my ADV for months. I love this e-liquid. It has a beautiful nutty/vanilla/cookie taste with subtle, malty undertones of dark chocolate, caramel and tobacco! Absolutely delicious. None of the flavours overpower each other, they are blended to perfection and produce a very complex, satisfying vaping experience. Almost good enough to eat! Defiantly the nicest liquid I've tried so far from any vendor.

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I thought I'd try a 3x10ml pick n mix as I've heard good things about manabush and was after a nice tobacco vape. I tried Powwow sauce first and WOW it certainly is everything I expected and more, vaped it on a tobh atty and what a complex flavour. Coffee like biscuityness! Very rich and just lush. Love it so I've order more! I have to say the service from manabush has been outstanding. Delivery within 48 hours! Plus very polite and helpful after I mad a mistake.

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How have you managed this? I hate Banana, but I like this. It's all a little weird. So, having tried many an ejuice in my time, I'm finding it harder and harder to find those little treasures which lurk around the corner. If you're a fan of the Manabush range, but do not like Banana, then this might actually be for you. If you like the range, and like Banana, then this might be your new best friend. Try it. It's not going to be my ever day vape, but it's going to be presented to the dripper from time to time in the evenings whether it be rain or shine. Thanks, ya Mananuts.

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Initially bought as part of a Pick n mix, this was the second one I tried and it was love at first vape. In simple terms its like buttery hob nobs with a sprinkle of nuts, mostly peanut but a touch of hazelnut. But it is a great disservice to leave it in simple terms as it's so cleverly made that you get something extra and different with each puff. Peerless.

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OK so I don't like chocolate vapes and I'm not a fan of tobacco either. But Manabush have done it again. This is a very good liquid. On the inhale a sweet tobacco and on the exhale the dark chocolate hits, very subtle and natural tasting. A very good juice.

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Heard great things about Powwow on the Planet of The Vapes forum, so took the plunge and ordered some. This is my new favourite juice - I've never liked any tobacco flavours I've tried before, but this has so many flavours going on I'd caped the whole 5mls in two days. I can taste a bit of custard, a bit of biscuit and just a delicious warm sweet tobacco, but that description doesn't really do it justice. The first time a juice has lived up to the hype!

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I'm another one that doesn't like tobacco flavours. I tried this on a whim based on reviews. I'm so glad I did. I wanted something that would give me more of a hit for when I crave a morning ciggie. It's such a complex mix & it really is lovely. I don't normally buy ready made e liquids as I always mix my own. This is the exception though, as I wouldn't know where to start to recreate this excellent flavour.

john | <b>Notice</b>: Undefined index:  reviews in <b>/home/manhck23/public_html/store/catalog/view/theme/default/template/module/randomreview.tpl</b> on line <b>9</b>
wasnt too keen first few vapes but i think this has now overtaken ixcacoa as my favourite of the entire range .....the ginger after the manabush base is just perfect

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Great new juice, tastes fantastic and I feel it makes an excellent addition to the manabush line, that it also blends well with Chiricahua Sun, makes it my go to secondary liquid.

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I had a little toot of this from a fellow vaper and it's bloody delicious, so much so that I cheekily 'borrowed' some to fill up my tank and vaped the rest of it today ;) The depth of sweet creamy flavours is unlike anything I've tried. You get the sweet warmth of the toffee and a light custard layered delight on the exhale. Yes there's clouds but the flavour coming through is absolutely beautiful and yes I vaped this in a tank with a 1.2ohm coil, about 14w and it was perfect for me. Will definitely be in my basket the next time I order (If I hadn't already placed my orders this one would have been added in for sure). Outstanding Manabush!

Powwow Sauce

Powwow Sauce

Powwow Sauce by Manabush is a richly sweet deep satisfying tobacco blend of E-liquid with a subtle desert flavoured topping

Available in 6mg, 12mg and 18mg strength in bottle sizes 10ml, 30ml, 50ml and 100ml

All our e-liquids are 50/50 VG/PG mix and made only from the finest UK and US sourced vaping safe ingredients.

We have found the Manabush range tastes best on cotton or with a silica wick at not too high a temperature - to us the sweet spot seems to be just on the cusp of being warm. We recommend the use of rebuildable silica Atomiser such as a Kayfun or GP Spheroid and also the Naturevape Mini or midi tanks or similar again these are just recommendations - the juice flavour changes quite dramatically at different temperatures so feel free to experiment. We have found an Ohms of 1.4 - 1.6 on A Mech mod to be ideal.

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